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VIP Ad Display orders placed 2009 receive an internet listing at no extra charge!                                                                                Be sure to check out and use the special promotions or discounts offered by our VIP Display advertisers.                                                                               To look for the promotions or discounts, click on "Ad Displays" on the menu and check out the * Ads.

VIP Advertising Display System.

Vender Information Provider (VIP) or Local Site Provider (LSP) you are sure to be interested in our new HIGH Tech Advertising Display System. Simply put, the VIP system is one of the most cost effective methods of advertising your product or service that has ever been developed!


SalespadUSA.com installs the latest Plasma or LCD screens in locations where waiting for service is a common or normal circumstance. This means you, as an advertiser, have a captive audience with no distractions during the ad display.

Click For Ad Demo

Click for ad Demo

The VIP ads are run continuously at display intervals of 12 to 15 seconds duration and where possible, simultaneously with other programs of interest (as shown in the pictures) to the �captured� or waiting audiences. 

There are Huge benefits to being either a VIP or an LSP The benefits for VIP advertisers are very evident in �Bang for the Buck� advertising � call for pricing. If you feel your location may qualify as an LSP, give us a call and we will be happy to advise you of the benefits of becoming an LSP for SalespadUSA.com
To see a short demo of an Ad display, click on the "Split Screen" image above or visit our "Ad Displays" page to view a few of our clients Ads. For more  information please click here for VIP Advertising Display Contacts or on the "Contact Us" button on the Menu for corporate contact.
To Order advertising on-line click here or on the Menu "Order VIP Ad".
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